About the school

I have been consulting and educating people for 25 years, and the School of Free Personality, which was started with weekly psychological articles, books emerging one after another, and training programs of free personality development, has been growing and expanding for more than 12 years.

I have by now created a large archive of articles, radio casts, books, short videos and workshops of various types on this website. I also run trainings of varying durations, which you can choose from a rich list of topics. This school is very practical, rational and fun. The school avoids unfriendliness or criticism, it creates a bright intelligent atmosphere in which deep experiences can be gained safely. In this way, the complex nuances of managing relationships and one’s inner life become clear and implementable.

All this educational activity reflects my original combination of psychoanalytic-existential-cognitive schema therapy, which I am happy to share with and invite you to the journey ofself-improvement together with me!