How to find: From the square with a sculpture of an angel, enter Malūnų Street and after approximately 10 steps from the left side, after passing the barber’s shop, you will see an iron gate leading to a large yard, at the end of which you will be able to see the church from afar.

Having passed through the gate (code 20*4033), you should pass one stairway on the left, walk into the second stairway, which is in the building 6 B with brick-decorated walls. Entering stairway press the code “102” and wait, you will find the office on the first floor, on the left, door number is “2”.

  • The address of the psychotherapy studio: Vilnius, Uzhupis (Užupis) district, Malunu (Malūnų) st. 6A-2 (call “102”)
  • Two alerts:
    1. There is no waiting room, clients are reluctant to meet each other, so try to come on time, not too early!
    2. If the visit is revoked later than during the 24 hours before the visit, it will unfortunately be necessary to pay for it.
  • Mobile pho ne: +370-67625787
  • Email:
  • :