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Artumo laboratorija

Romanas Artumo laboratorija – knyga apie moters ir vyro santykius. Kūrinyje keliaujama per susipažinimo situacijas, parodoma, kaip sukuriamas artimas ryšys. Vis dėlto knygos esmė – ne bendravimo įdomybės, o sąmoningas pagrindinės veikėjos Vitos suvokimas, kas vyksta su jos jausmais, poreikiais, vaikystės žaizdomis santykių metu. Knyga prasideda tuo, kad pagrindinė herojė baigia ilgai trukusią psichoterapiją ir dabar gana aiškiai mato su ja vykstančius procesus. Kai santykiuose jaučiasi skaudinama, kai vėl pakliūva į pažįstamas problemas, Vita savo vidiniame pasaulyje – saugioje erdvėje – bando pamatyti, kokie vidiniai veikėjai dalyvauja situacijoje ir sąmoningai juos reguliuoja. Jėgas ji atgauna meno pasaulyje, o sustiprėjusi grįžta į santykių frontą.

Kadangi šis romanas parašytas profesionalios psichologės, išnašose ji paaiškina, kaip vienas ar kitas psichologinis dėsningumas atsispindi romano situacijose. Artumo laboratorijos personažai paremti tikromis istorijomis, kurių autorė semiasi iš psichoterapinio darbo praktikos.
Knygą išleido 2023 leidykla Vaga

Pakelk mane aukštai ( Lift me high)

This book, to be published during the fall of 2020, is about psychological transformation of a woman that begins after a parting. The book presents a comprehensive description of psychotherapeutic experience, spiritual quest of the main female character, the experiences of inner world intertwined with the details of external events, relationships, travel. This book is special in that the psychological transformation is described by a professional ‒ the novel reflects expert knowledge, reveals how psychologists actually work and how internal changes take place. Based on authentic human experiences, the book inspires change by revealing how a way out of a seemingly very difficult situation ‒ prolonged depression, midlife crisis, extreme loneliness, distressing childhood experiences ‒ is being found and gradually, step by step, stable internal structures are being built.

Laimės svarstyklės ( The balance of happiness)

It is the most recent book published in February 2018. The book is comprised of 20 topical discussions on how to achieve happiness: be self-restrained or expressive? A romantic person or a sober realist? An individualist or a person craving for a close relationship? etc. While obtaining the answer to each question two opposing opinions with opposite arguments are presented, and this can help to crystallize your own thoughts even more clearly, as well as to defend your opinion in disputes. On the other hand, it can help to obtain a vision of an enemy’s camp, understand their arguments, and best of all – to search for truth, to stick together a variety of more complex visions of a psychological world in search for a happier life. (The book is in Lithuanian language only)

Pas kunigą ir detektyvą, psichologo kabinete ( With the priest and the detective – in a psychologist's office)

The book contains twelve psychotherapy cases: men and women come to a psychotherapist and solve problems related to loneliness, divorce, conflicts, depression, workaholism, fear of criticism. The psychotherapist feels various feelings, considers the ways to influence one client or another, dramas take place in client’s life, and various feelings emerge between the client and the therapist. It is a book which popularizes psychotherapy, and at the same time it can help to learn a lot about relationships and feelings in general. (The book is in Lithuanian language only, you can buy it in electronic shop:

PDF (RU version)

Neįvykusi terapija ( Failed therapy)

The book reveals complex human relationships and feelings – it portrays various stages of psychological maturity of communication, various cases of getting close to one another. The protagonist of the novel, Juta, wants to be healed, attends the offices of various psychotherapists, but fate presents her with new challenges and eventually, having lost any hope of being saved, she has to make changes in herself. The characters and events described in the novel are based on real stories, which have been taken by the author from the practice of psychological work. The book was published in 2011 by Vaga publishing company. (The book is in Lithuanian and Russian language. Lithuanian book you can buy in ebook shop:

Gerųjų žmonių šešėliai (Shadows of good people)

In this book you will find psychological essays and short stories – people's confessions. Patients every day confess to psychotherapists their secrets that they dare not share with anyone. Listening to them becomes a privilege. These secrets allow you to have a look behind the scenes so that the masks become completely uninteresting. Art is an inexhaustible storage of confessions. And in these essays the author personally and sincerely discusses various topical psychological problems, summarizes their solutions. The book was published in 2010, second time - in 2022, by Alma Littera. (The book is in Lithuanian language only)

Įdomioji psichoterapija mokytojams ir tėvams (Amusing psychotherapy for teachers and parents)

In this book you will find psychological knowledge about adolescents, teachers, as well as the modern psychodynamic classification of personality characters. The problems of parents, teachers, children are presented through the prism of a complex inner world of a person. It is always important to understand the causes of human behavior. How does a person see the world and explain his or her inner beliefs? Derived from direct communication with teachers, students, and their parents, this book is an authentic document that will help the readers to answer the questions about “how to maintain mental equilibrium among children” and how to recognize the unknown variables inherent in adolescence. The book was published in 2008, by Versus Aureus publishing company, republished edition in 2009. ( The book is in Lithuanian language only)

Laukiniai prisiminimai (Wild memories)

“Wild Memories” are existential short stories that reflect the modern spiritual state of a woman. According to the literary critic J. Kubilius, it is a rather strange mental state(s), an unreal space of dreams and relative time, teasing emotional tension, as well as timidly startling intimacy, the burden of an unbanished feeling, all but a kind of a kindness of an irrational human towards another person… The book was published in 2007, by Versus aureus publishing company. ( The book is in Lithuanian language only)